In 2015 Zytiga, the first in a new class of oral medicines that work to shut down tumour growth, was given public funding. This medicine is specifically used in the treatment of metastatic Castrate Resistant Prostate Cancer (mCRPC) in men.

We were tasked with creating a campaign that not only announced the availability of Zytiga, but also facilitated a constructive exchange of information amongst three core audiences: the various healthcare professionals, their patients and supporters.

Because Zytiga could only be used to treat approximately 1,200 of the 25,000 prostate cancer sufferers in New Zealand however, it was imperative our work assisted in preselecting only those who qualified.

To ensure that the right target market presented to their healthcare professionals, we kicked off the campaign with a specially-built online preselection tool: Is Zytiga For Me?

As the audience began identifying with the product, and the programme grew, we expanded the site with a wealth of prostate cancer information, and introduced enrolment to the Know How Programme – a comprehensive patient support initiative that gave men with prostate cancer, and their partners or family, the information they would need throughout their entire prostate cancer journey.