Another enduring Radiation relationship, our work with Metlifecare goes from strength to strength as we immerse ourselves into what makes it not just a great brand, but a game changer.

In 2016 we were given the unique opportunity to wholly reinvent the way Metlifecare markets to its audiences. To shift from a ‘me too’ strategy that sells companionship with a unit, to a future focused multi-layered communication platform that will produce a never ending output of fresh, engaging content.

Armed with a refreshed brand identity including a bespoke suite of photography, we’ve created a whole battalion of communications, events and village initiatives to engage with a retirement community that for too long has been condescended to. There’s more to watch this space!

Talk about a fresh approach! Radiation not only reinvigorated our brand, more importantly they made us critically look at the industry and our position relative to environments around us. This strategic shift challenged proven yet somewhat traditional approaches that won’t be relevant tomorrow, and enabled us to strengthen our brand. The team at Radiation looked into the business, under it, through it and above it to get to the gems that matter most and will make a difference not only to our brand and marketing efforts but our performance as a business overall. The radiators are an extension of our team and we regularly interact to challenge our approach and keep driving the business forward. — Blanka Ros, Metlifecare GM Marketing