Yes, we invented this bright beautiful sexy brand from the ground up.

They used to be called Ezy but not many people remember that!

The brief from the inexhaustible Tim Alpe was to ‘change our name and turn us into a tourism brand rather than a cheap car and campa rental place.’

So that’s what we did. Research and full brand strategy and repositioning recommendations, logo and design identity, the elevation of Lucy as the flame haired Jucy mascot, brand language including every single phrase on the side of every single van from here to the West Coast of America, the development of Jucy Hotel and the subsequent redevelopment of that to Jucy Snooze. We were even involved in Jucifying the new headquarters in Auckland.

Like so many other Radiation brand relationships, this one has endured. We’ve been working together for over eight years now and we’re still going strong. Live Jucy!

Radiation has been a very important part of JUCY’s story from day one. Jill and the team have been instrumental in helping us develop the JUCY brand from the inside out and continue to be vital members of Team JUCY. They make it their business to be part of our team and to work alongside Dan and I to ensure we are constantly giving our brand the attention that it deserves. — Tim Alpe, Chief Jucifier