A once-in-a-career opportunity to invent not only a new motor oil, but a new category of motor oil.

Before Severe Duty 15W-30 was created, there were only Heavy Duty motor oils in North America. 

Our job was to galvanise Chevron Lubricants’ leadership team, and then name and author a story for this new oil that would be compelling enough for third generation truckers to change their stripes.

We created a powerful multimedia campaign, spearheaded by a Myth Busters-style stunt where we pitted a 500-horsepower truck against a 900-horsepower tugboat in a live tug of war. We hired Ice Road Trucker Darrell Ward, and pulled over 1.8 million viewers thanks to an epic Severe Duty digital assault. We developed thisissevereduty.com - a portal for all drivers to connect with a new style of driving. We developed a digital quiz for drivers to identify themselves, masses of social media content, and a whole lot of social chat about this new style of driving.