It’s not easy standing out in the children’s charity crowd. But right from our first meeting with CEO Vicki Lee three years ago, we were ambitious to make a big difference for Cure Kids.

First up, we shifted the emphasis of how the story was told -  from kids to cure, from hope to action, from cute kids to kids on a mission, from invisible researchers to rock stars who save lives.

Then we moved the logo and identity on. No longer a quiet little credit at the bottom right of sponsors’ activity, we shifted the logo to a place where it could contribute actively to a powerful call to action in every communication. Then we moved onto the organisation’s values, celebrating and elevating them in all internal communications.

Before Radiation, we were a great charity but not a great brand. There was a lot of confusion in the marketplace about how we differed from other children’s charities and our public profile was low. Radiation’s brand story has completely changed the way we tell our story, not just the way we look. Before we were all about the kids. Now we’re all about curing them. Cure Kids isn’t just the name of another charity now; it’s a rallying cry. The new brand has attracted some powerful new partners in the All Blacks and TV3. Our awareness and profile is going through the roof. We’re happy to share every bit of our success with our partners at Radiation. — Vicki Lee, Former CEO