One of our more ambitious bespoke workshops we have developed, this one was three days with Chevron’s North American Lubricants Team in San Ramon, California.

We came in to a team yet to be engaged by the potential of the new product launch being tabled for the year. Within three days we had facilitated them into a cohesive unit, and helped inspire them towards an exciting new positioning and communications framework.

Radiation has run a series of high value strategy and alignment workshops for Chevron Lubricants here in the US. The most recent workshop that Radiation designed and facilitated for us was to create management alignment around our marketing strategy and the critical projects that would help achieve it in the next three years. What sets Radiation apart from other consultants we use is their ability to design, run and produce output that meets our needs precisely. Many other management consultants sell their proprietary methodology or analytical framework. Radiation offers a truly bespoke experience that delivers exactly on point. — Tracey Gardiner, Marketing Manager Americas, Chevron Corporation